Introduction to Information Systems in Business

Microsoft Excel Assignment
(due Tuesday,  June 21 at 8:00 pm)

***** NOTE: Remember to enter EHW as a subject on your e-mail!!!! *****


  1. Click here to Download your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet Assignment
  2. Save the Spreadsheet into a folder that you have created in your computer (Do not "Open" the assignment from the "File Download.")
  3. Save Your Spreadsheet as your3randomnumbers_assignmentcode_yourlastname (For Example, my Assignment would be named 777_EHW_DELGADILLO) (***** NOTE: You will only get 50% credit if you don't save your file correctly!!!!*****)


EXCEL Assignment Instructions:


Absolute and Relative References, AND 3-Dimensional References (20 points total)

On Sheet1 through Sheet4:


Loan Amortization (50 points total):

A.- On the Loan Amortization Sheet:


B.- Your Information - Formatted (3 points)


C.- Formatting (2 points)


D.- Functions (20 points)


E.- Filling the Loan Amortization Table (20 points)

F.- In cell B17, add an additional $300 per month to the principal to each and every monthly payment and change the credit rating to  710.  Answer in the space available how a change in the credit rating affects the monthly payment and how adding $300 to the principal every month affects the loan duration.  Save  your results with the $0 extra to the principal for each month and the Credit Rating at 710 (5 points).


PIVOT Table (10 points total):


STOCK VALUATION (20 points total):




E-Mail Rules for the Excel Assignment


1. - I'll give you +5 extra credit points if your assignment is turned in by 8:00 pm on the due date. If it is not turned in by 8:00 pm, I'll give you a buffer of 4 hours to get 100% of your grade.  You'll get 75% credit if you turn it in up to 24 hours late, and 0% after that.

2.- In the Subject of your email enter "EHW" (one word without any spaces in between)

3.- If you turn in a second version of your assignment, you need to type as subject EHW UPDATE. Otherwise, your first assignment submitted will be graded.

4.- Send a copy of an e-mail to yourself (by typing in your e-mail where it says "CC")

5.- E-mail the assignment as an ATTACHMENT (NOT Office 365 link) to:

***** NOTE: Remember to enter EHW as a subject on your e-mail!!!! *****